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Spotify Led Plaques

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Spotify Plaque is a trendy lamp with your portrait and favorite song that will serve as a source of inspiration for you. An anniversary, wedding, or birthday would be ideal occasions for such a gift. This is the most beautiful gift for your friends, girlfriend,spouse,soulmate, room decor etc. It can even be used to decorate your room or you can just gift it to close people and dedicate a song that marks their importance in your life Night Light will capture your most memorable moments and will make a thoughtful and enjoyable gift for your loved ones. Make a gorgeous bespoke music lamp out of your favorite song or album. You have the option to include a Spotify code! Your song will start playing as soon as you scan the code on Spotify.
Size: 9*6 Inches.
Material: 3MM High quality Imported acrylic.
Print Quality: We use UV printing technology. It’s the most advanced printing technology and it allows achieving maximum color saturation and durability. This technique can be used to print on almost anything.

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