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This is most beautiful gift for your friends, girlfriend,spouse,soulmate room decor etc. You can customize any song you wish and also have your own image instead of the album/song cover!! We will add a custom barcode and you will be able to scan the plaque using app on your mobile phone. Shipping will take 3-6 business days. We will not edit the picture. It will be printed as uploaded on the website . Square image will be recomended by us ! *This product is non-refundable as it is customized. We will try our best to deliver the orders as soon as possible.
Size: 9*6 Inches.
Material: 3MM High quality Imported acrylic.
Print Quality: We use UV printing technology. It’s the most advanced printing technology and it allows achieving maximum color saturation and durability. This technique can be used to print on almost anything.

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4.5 out of 5